Know What “Ghosting” Means– and Other 11 Social Media Dating Terms

social media dating ghosting

Dating is quicker and simpler nowadays, thanks to social media. You can meet someone in a matter of seconds. By swiping left on your phone, you get the chance to meet the “love of your life”.

But along with the modern version of romance, new terminologies showing up about dating. Some of these terms might even be unfamiliar to you.

So to avoid getting confused when you the term “Benching” on your messenger, here are 11 most popular social media dating terms.

11 Social Media Dating Terms


Cutting communication with someone without any form of explanation.
Ex. “We’ve been talking for months, and now this morning he blocked me off all social media platforms… I don’t get why he ghosted me…”

Cuffing Season

Usually, this happens during colder seasons, where one seeks for a romantic companion– usually without the commitment and only for the warmth.
Ex. “It’s cuffing season already, no wonder Jessica’s dating that guy.”


The act of luring someone into a romantic relationship by using a fake identity.
Ex. “I tried meeting up with her or video call her…But she wouldn’t budge. I think she’s catfishing me.”


Sending flirtatious banter to each other, without moving the next level of dating.
Ex: “She just keeps breadcrumbing me. I already asked her a couple of times and she always tells me that I’m busy.”


Small harmless acts that could be now considered “cheating” such as giving a hug to a friend, or greeting someone a good morning.
Ex: “He got mad! I hugged my friend and now’s he telling me that I’m micro-cheating.

NSA (No Strings Attached)

Engaging in romantic acts without commitment.
Ex: “So are you and dave a thing now?” “Not really… It’s just NSA fun…”


Keeping in touch with various contacts to use them as a back-up in case your current relationship went the rocks.
Ex: “She’s still dating this Josh guy, but somehow sending me selfies? I think she’s just benching me…”


Wanting two individuals (usually fictional characters) to date each other.
Ex. “I’m so crazy about Stranger things… Is it weird that I’m shipping Will and Elle? Like they look so good together!


Stalking someone through his/her social media accounts, without any intention of sending him/her a ‘hello’ on messenger.
Ex. “Stop creeping in Jasper’s profile… He already told he’s not interested, okay?”

Netflix and Chill

Dating someone on your house, usually with Netflix on. This mostly leads to other romantic activities such as cuddling.
Ex: “I can’t make it to that tap dance class… I’m meeting someone to Netflix and chill.


Using phone (for social networking or games) constantly during the date.
Ex: “We’re not going on a second date…He keeps phubbing me that’s so annoying.”

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