Why Parents Are #Sharenting Their Kids’ Lives on Social Media Platforms

mom and kids checking social media platforms

The joys of parenting are immeasurable but definitely shareable. Thanks to the rise of social media platforms, parents can now share priceless moments with their kids.

From a simple photo of their kids sleeping up to their toddler breaking up a piece of furniture, parents make sure that everyone’s updated about their sweet angel.

It can be fun at first, but as parents become so obsessive with documenting everything, it becomes an alarming trend that people even made a new slang just for it: Sharenting.

What is Sharenting?

Sharenting is a modern term that combines the words “Share” and “Parenting”. Sharenting happens when a parent couldn’t seem to stop posting about his/her kid’s life on social media platforms.

Signs Someone is Sharenting

Wondering what makes someone a ‘sharent’? Here are the signs you should be checking.

  • Constant posting of their child.
  • If you would look at their profile, you might even mistake the profile to be their kid’s.
  • They share everything about their kid– even the embarrassing ones.
  • Their cameras are always ready.
  • When outside, you’ll see them putting their children on random spots for a photo.
  • Some go to the extreme such as making their child a social media account.

Why Parents Do Sharenting

Parents aren’t necessarily “narcissist” for sharing their child’s life. Here are the reasons as to why some parents can’t help but post a lot on social media platforms.

#1: They Wanted to Be Closer to Friends and Family

Parents do have a hard time seeing their friends and family. With kids and responsibilities, their only way to connect with is through social media platforms. That’s why they’re so engaged in posting everything about their child’s life, as they keep it as a way of engaging with their friends and family.

#2: Parental Pride

With all the access to new information and technology, parents are more pressured to become better parents than the previous generation. And because they wanted to perceived as great parents, they tend to share all their kids’ achievements.

#3: Emotional Support

Sometimes, parents just need someone they can relate to. That’s why they post stuff about their children. They just hope they could find someone they can talk about it to or even give them tips.

Why and How Parents Should Avoid Sharenting

Excessive posting could bring annoyance and harm to your children. By posting your kids’ photos, you’re basically giving it access to predators, identity thieves and other types of online delinquents.

With that, here is what you can do to protect your child.

  • Limit your posting. When posting, set the audience to ‘friends only’.
  • Don’t make your own social media profile for your child.
  • Create a group chat for relatives and some friends on the messenger. That’s a more private way of sharing updates about your kids.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with sharing your parenting experiences. You only need to be responsible about it.

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