6 Easy Tips When Promoting Your Event on Social Networking Platforms

woman having a party from an invite to social networking platforms

Aside from keeping up with your friends and family, social networking platforms are also the key to finding out the hottest events in your area. Various social media platforms have events feature to showcase those events. Influencers are also sharing tons of events, even hosting ticket giveaways for their followers.

With that, organizers are making sure that their event is consistently showed on everyone’s social media feed. Maybe you’re one with them, as you’re checking out this post.

If you’re an event organizer or someone that wants to hype up his/her party, check this guide on how to promote your event using social networking platforms.

6 Fuss-Free Tips When Promoting an Event to Social Media

Here’s a quick rundown of the tips. For more information and examples, scroll down for more.

  • Start now and post the event teasers.
  • Post a Daily Countdown
  • Create a branded hashtag
  • Share Behind-the-scenes
  • Showcase Previous Events
  • Make a Giveaway Contest

#1: Start now and Post Event Teasers

Promote your event on all your social media platforms as early as possible. But before heading out to your social media apps and type in all the details, it’s better to prepare visual teasers for your event. Make sure that it stands out and has all the necessary details on your event such as the venue, date and time. If you have notable guests, do mention them to add more hype to the said event.

#2: Post a Daily Countdown

To hype up your event, post a countdown. This will excite the attendees and will spark curiosity to those who stumbled upon your countdown post. Note: Do a daily countdown just a few weeks before the event. If it’s going to happen in a few months, just do a weekly countdown instead.

#3: Create a Branded Hashtag

Having an official #hashtag for the event will help you promote your event more. Followers can use the tag to reach out to the organizers. In this way, the organizers can have time to prepare for their event-goers’ requests and concerns.

#4: Share Behind-the-scenes

Sharing the happenings behind the event on your social networking platforms will bring more publicity to the event.

#5: Showcase Previous Events

If the event you’re promoting is a yearly thing, do create a post showcasing the highlights of what happened last year. People will be more convinced to join the event if the previous one is a success.

#6: Make a Giveaway Contest

If this is a grand event, then you can promote your event by having a giveaway. Let interested users like, share and tag someone in the comments section. Then have the raffle a few days before the event. Your event will get more exposure by doing this. If you have a popular internet personality on board, you may ask him/her to do the giveaway contest for higher reach.

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