12 VSCO Aesthetic Filters for your Photo Sharing Posts

woman posing for photo sharing app

Aside from individual content, your overall feed on photo sharing posts matters a lot too. The audience likes an “aesthetic” feed nowadays and is not smitten over messy social media feeds.

With that, photo filters come to the rescue. Even if your photos are taken on a different place, lighting and overall just different from each other, you can still put them on the same theme through filter presets.

With that, here are some filter/ filter codes from one of the most popular photo editing apps, VSCO. By using these photo filter codes, you won’t need to ask your friend on messenger if your feed is messy anymore.

Now let’s get into these filters!

12 VSCO Aesthetic Filters for your Photo Sharing Posts

Coffee Beige

Want that warm vibe yet has a cool tone to it? Try this Coffee Beige, which works well to beige-color photos.

Black and White

There’s something classic about black and white photos. If you want your feed to have a sophisticated black and white look, try this filter code.

Bohemian Tropical

Want to make your photo sharing feed pop with color? Go for the Bohemian Tropical filter. It’s the perfect filter for summer shots or other outside shots.

White Classic

If you’re planning to put up a light/white theme on your social media feed, this filter code will enhance your photos more.

Pink and Teal

This color combination simply screams “aesthetic”. If you want to make a follow-worthy profile, you might wanna dive in with this theme.

Blue Sea

Have tons of vacation shots left? Want your feed to be filled with that “blue aesthetic”? Go for this blue sea filter code.

Fresh Champagne

Posting OOTD shots? Trying this filter will definitely fit you. It has that strong contrast yet smooth softness that is great for aspiring fashion influencers.

Garden Bambi

Having an outdoor event? Share it on social media using this filter. It’s not as strong as Bohemian Tropical when it comes to color so if you want a filter that’s more on the low-key side, you might wanna check this one out.

Blue-Pink Hues

If there’s pink and teal, there’s also blue and pink. This is also another good option if you want to make a unique theme for your social network feed.

Dark Black

Want that mysterious vibe on your photo sharing profile? Then try producing darker photos and use this filter.

Faded Contrast

There’s something about a low-contrast filter that enhances photos. If you want your feed to give that “sad yet sassy” vibe, you might wanna try this out.

Warm Caramel

This is a stronger alternative to coffee beige. If you want all-out summery vibes, this might be the filter for you.

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