How to Start a Group Chat on Popular Social Media Apps: 2019 Guide

A group chat is one of the unnoticed yet key features of any social media app.

Planning out a trip with your friends? Trying to reunite with high school classmates? Looking for a way to make private announcements for your business partners? Starting a group chat is the best way to go.

Now, if you’re not familiar with how to start a group chat, here is the step-by-step guide on how to do it. We’re also not covering one, but three of the most popular social media apps:

How to Start Group Messaging on Skype App

Skype is a messenger app that provides instant messaging for people across the globe. It’s also known for being one of the pioneer apps that provided Video Calling. Here are the steps on how to start group messages:

  1. Open your Skype App.
  2. Click the group chat icon.
  3. Right-click the skype users that you want to start chatting to in the “Add Participants” section.
  4. On the bottom of the screen, type in the text bar then hit send. All the added participants will receive the message.
  5. And you’re all set! You can also click the camera icon to start a group video call.

How to Start a Group Chat on EyesUP App

EyesUP is a new social media app that promises to reinvent social networking. It showcases the basic yet essential social media features such as photo sharing, messaging, voice calling, and video calling. To start group messages on this app, here’s what you should do:

  1. On your device, go to the EyesUP App.
  2. If you’re on the homepage, click the message (speech bubble) icon below.
  3. Once you’re in the messaging section. Click another speech bubble icon on the upper right side of the screen.
  4. You’ll be given two options in there: Click “New Group Chat”
  5. You’ll be then directed on another screen. On the upper part of the screen, edit out the name of your chat group.
  6. To add members, click the circle icon on the left side of your friends’ profiles. (Note: you can only create a group chat with friends)
  7. Once done adding the members, click “done” on the upperleft side of your screen.

Download the social media app here: EyesUP on Google Play Store | EyesUP on App Store

How to Start a Group Chat on Snapchat

Snapchat is a social network app that is both a messaging platform and a social network. Instead of permanent posts, users can only send temporary photos, making the communication more real-time as compared to perfectly curated feeds and such. Now to start messaging on groups, here is what you should do:

  1. On your device, open the Snapchat app.
  2. Go to the ‘Friends’ screen.
  3. Tap on the ‘Add New Chat’ button in the top right corner.
  4. Enter the names of the people you want to add.
  5. Click “chat’ and you’re all set!

And that’s the step-by-step guide starting group messaging on social media apps. Want to submit your articles here like this guide? You may send us your ideas here.