How to ‘Marie Kondo’ (aka Declutter) Your Social Media Presence

organize social media like marie kondo

Social media is evolving, and this only means one thing: more content. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to learn more about a lot of things. But viewing so much content can be overwhelming too.

Every morning, we’re bombarded with messages, tags, notifications and other online signals. During the day, we get distracted by different content from our feeds. Until nighttime, we’re still busy checking our profiles.

This is why decluttering our social media profiles and feeds can do wonders. And who do we get to learn more about decluttering? None other than the organizing genius herself, Marie Kondo.

Who is Marie Kondo?

She’s a Japanese organizing expert, a bestselling author and a star of a Netflix’s show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. She’s been well known and her Konmari method of tidying up is now being followed by millions of people.

Using her method, here are some tips on how to declutter your social media apps in a much efficient way.

5 Ways to Declutter your Social Media Profile

1. Commit to decluttering everything.

First things first, make sure that you’re sure with decluttering your profiles. Having a half-hearted job on cleaning up is going to make you more confused than cleared up. Also, commit to working to clean up every social media profile that you own.

2. Have your own designated social space for different types of profiles.

One of Marie Kondo’s organizing tips is to have a designated space for everything. She knows where to put her shoes and bags as she comes home. In this way, she has no trouble looking for stuff as well as having a much-organized space.

Relating it to social media, it’s better to assign an online platform for every type of connection you have. Add your closest and family members on your personal social media account. Former and current workmates? You can add them to your LinkedIn profile instead. Blogging account? Go for a blogging platform such as EyesUP and Instagram.

3. Keep contents that spark joy. Unfollow everything else.

Sometimes, you no longer enjoy the contents you used to have fun with (e.g. sonic memes, gameplay videos). If you feel that certain pages are just fillers on your feed, you can unfollow/unsubscribe from them. This also applies to friends that you no longer share a connection with.

4. Always choose quality.

Marie Kondo suggests getting items with top-notch quality, instead of getting the same item at a lower price. If an aesthetically-pleasing broom can motivate you to sweep more, then go for it.

This applies also with social media apps and profiles. Focus on signing up on platforms that bring in positive effects for you. There are new social media platforms that could help you more, compared to the popular ones.

5. It’s okay to take off the tags (on posts).

One of Marie Kondo’s top tips is to take off the tags of your clothes once you got them. Relating it to social networking, if there’s a post you don’t want to be part of your profile, untag yourself. It may come from your closest friends but you can engage without adding the fluff to your profile.

Looking for an app to maintain a declutter-free online life?

In case tidying up is not enough, and you’re looking for an all-in-social media app, then you’re in luck.

Our featured app EyesUP will surely spark joy. It has the social media features that we all love, without the gimmicky features. You may check it out on Google Play or App Store for more info.

An organized social presence = Organized life

There’s still a huge difference between social media and reality. But still, having an organized social media presence will help you focus on what matters.

When you don’t have to see irrelevant posts and profiles, you can have fewer distractions. This also allows you and be able to engage more in meaningful relationships.

What are your thoughts on this one? Are you planning to declutter your social media profiles? Share this on your socials.

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