7 Annoying Messenger Habits We’re All Guilty Of

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Thanks to the wonders of tech, we have the ability to connect with someone in just a few seconds through messenger apps. Right at our fingertips, we can improve, maintain and create relationships– all thanks to social media and messenger apps.

But along with the convenience of the messenger apps, there are also cons when trying to connect with someone through messenger platforms and admit it, you’ve done some of these things.

From multi-fire texts to an excessive amount of exclamations, here are the 7 annoying messenger habits we should avoid.

7 Annoying Messenger Habits We Should All Stop Doing

Looking for a quick rundown of the 7 annoying habits? We got you (see list below).

But if you want a further explanation, then scroll down for more.

  1. Too many emojis
  2. Wrong Spelling/Grammar
  3. Direct Messaging on a Group Chat
  4. Chatting in All Caps
  5. Too Many Exclamations
  6. Multi-Fire Texting
  7. Too many Abbreviations

#1: Too Many Emojis

An occasional smiley or kissy face is nice, especially when chatting with your SO or friends. But please, avoid bombarding other people’s messenger apps with multiple smileys, poop, and crying emojis. It’s not as cute as what you think it is.

#2: Wrong Spelling/Grammar

To avoid confusion especially when chatting about important details, check your message before hitting ‘send’.

#3: Direct Messaging on a Group Chat

A group chat is made for a reason, and that’s not to direct message a member. When asking about something, acknowledge the whole group. If what you’re asking only concerns a specific person, then direct message that person. Why notify all your friends when the message doesn’t concern them?

#4: Chatting in ALL CAPS

Some people use this when they’re excited, but really? Can’t you just an exclamation mark instead?

#5: Putting Too Many Exclamations

I just mentioned that it’s better to use an exclamation mark than typing in all caps. But don’t message someone with !!!!! all over. It’s too much.

#6: Multi-Fire Texting

For those who are not familiar, when do a Multi-Fire Texting, it’s usually like this:

The person sending the message.
Is typing like this
Because for some reason
He/She can’t message the whole text.
I swear. Just imagine.
Continuous buzzing sound in your pocket. During a meeting.
Just because someone is chatting you like this.

#7: Too Many Abbreviations

An occasional “brb” (be right back) is acceptable. But if you just use LOL, ICYMI, AFAIK a lot, you could either annoy or confuse the recipient.

And there you go, the 7 annoying messenger habits that we all should avoid. Do you agree with this list? Share your thoughts on social media platforms. Also, check our other articles below.

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